There hasn’t been this much fodder for parody on Toronto’s City Council since Mel Lastman.  If Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel got a hold of this and cared one iota about Toronto, they could have a field day.

So Councillor Doug Ford, brother of Mayor Rob, started the snowball rolling by claiming there are more libraries in his ward than there are Tim Horton’s locations and therefore, this was justification for cutbacks in library services.  There was evidently one responsibility on the City Councillor job description that Doug Ford missed: Check your facts before you spew.  There are 39 Tim Horton’s locations and 13 libraries in his ward.

Well, didn’t that get Margaret Atwood’s goat!  She embarked on a Twitter campaign to have an on-line petition signed to stop Council from approving cuts to library services and it was so wildly successful, the server that was hosting the link to which she directed people shut down.  And Doug Ford’s response?  “Who’s Margaret Atwood?”  I love it!  Funny, I don’t hear brother Rob saying much in this whole affair.  He was apparently too busy talking on his cell phone today and did NOT get ticketed, by the way!

The Toronto Star published a story today about how angry and betrayed constituents in Ford’s ward are.  Rightfully so.  I am thoroughly enjoying how the brothers Ford are getting ridiculed in the media for not being able to back up their fatuous claims.  Slowly but surely, they are being revealed as the clowns they have always been but voters – for some reason – just could not see at election time.  To me, that election was like watching my best friend fall in love with Frankenstein.