Two more reasons I should be happy with life.

This week, DQ’s school had their Terry Fox Run.  It was wonderful to hear her tell us about the event and what she learned about Terry Fox.  When we got home, she started asking questions about Terry’s artificial leg.  You know, the ones you’re not sure you’re equipped to properly answer to the satisfaction of her little (but big) brain: why did he have an artificial leg, when will he get his real leg back, can I see Terry Fox…?  Forty-eight hours later, she was still asking these same questions.  Clearly, this is occupying her mind, and how could it not?  This little being, just 4 years into life, had to be wondering how one could live with just one leg.

FuBu showed her videos of Terry Fox and Oscar Pitorius to show her what these amazing individuals accomplished despite their physical shortcoming.  She still seemed confused about why they didn’t just put back on their “real” leg(s) after running… Every night when I watch DQ sleep, I remind myself of how blessed I am to have a healthy child.  Maybe after learning about Terry Fox, DQ has been slowly coming to the same realization.

Tonight, I just watched a moving video: a young woman of 29, who had been born deaf, got to hear her voice for the first time in her life with the help of an implant.  The reaction is emotionally powerful and instantly makes the viewer wonder what it would be like to never know the sound of your own voice, never mind the noises and voices around you.  I’ve sometimes wondered whether one would be better off to go without the sense of sight or the sense of hearing, but let’s face it, you’re not better off in either case. Sights and sounds are what make our lives vibrant, colourful and joyous.

So I look at my two strong legs and listen to my voice and I am happy today.  But it’s times like these when I go back to my frequently recurring philosophical question about why anyone has to endure hardship.  Why would any god allow this to happen? Alas, religion is not a category in my blog, so it will just have to remain a rhetorical question!