FuBu and I went to catch Duran Duran at the Air Canada Centre a couple of nights ago.  Yes, we’re Durannies.  How can you resist their synth pop and catchy tunes?!  FuBu insisted I blog about the show, so by special request… here we go.

I hadn’t been to a concert in many years.  My hairdresser pointed out that the great thing about going to see an “old” band is that the audience is older and tamer, and you can really just sit back and enjoy the show (as can the ushers!). 

Ever since I’ve been going to concerts, I’ve always judged performers primarily on how well they replicate their recorded sound.  I’ve been criticized for this by people who argue, “What’s the point of seeing them live if you just want to hear how they sound on their albums?”.

To which I would counter: To the contrary.  I think this is the true test of a performer’s abilities.  If they can’t replicate their recorded sound, then they were clearly over-produced in the studio and the production values had to compensate for their lack of natural talent and ability.

And so here, I have to give Simon Le Bon huge props.  If anyone is over-produced, it’s pop bands.  I was so impressed by how Simon caught every single note on the set list.  I never considered him a “singer” in the true sense of the word (in that he was formally trained; maybe he was, I haven’t looked into it) and I giggle at the thought of calling him that even now.  But the man deserves praise.  He did something even the god-like Bono can never do on stage.

Simon couldn’t dance a jig if you bet your life on it, but he has on-stage charisma and a connection with the audience – the people listen to what Simon Says.  And he certainly proved on this night that he’s got the vocal chops.  It was a fun show, and even the ACC crowd was standing early on once the familiar chords of “Planet Earth” started.