Oy, and I thought Sarah Palin was frightening.  What planet is Michele Bachmann from?

Her campaign staff is dropping like flies and her poll numbers have plummetted.  She talks a lot of rhetoric, is outspoken and critical of all liberal influences, but offers no concrete plans and strategies for change.  Even a leader of the Tea Party movement, of which she was once a darling, has said she needs to quit.

I will say that American politics are always much more interesting to watch (well, yes, American anything is better to watch than Canadian anything – except hockey).  I continue to be intrigued by just how tied church and politics are stateside.  When you live in a major urban centre that is demographically liberal, you forget that virtually the whole central United States leans toward very traditional and often Christian values – that’s a large swath of land painted blue.

Bachmann kicked off her campaign with some hopeful messages about change – less taxation, less government – but she clearly got herself into trouble once she started her controversial commentaries about social issues like abortion and immigration.  Most of these are driven by her faith, and you can’t fault her for that.  But the way in which she has been delivering these messages borders on an intolerance that the United States should not want at the helm of their country.