Completely random ramblings for the day…

Walrus TV is coming to town!  Just found out today that some stories from The Walrus magazine, which I’ve written about in a previous post, will be airing on eqhd, a cable documentary channel.  Of course, I don’t get this channel through Rogers, and if I wanted it, I’d have to have an hour-long, circular conversation with a customer service rep who would somehow end up convincing me that for an extra $30/month, I can get this channel plus 20 others that I will never watch.

A while back, I read about some study that was undertaken at Kellogg School of Management that found – shockingly – that the e-mails that get read and responded to first are from family and friends.  Wow.  Who commissioned this study and how much did it cost?

Under the category of “Shameful”: FuBu was dealing with the Town of Aurora trying to arrange a meeting with the Director of Parks & Recreation, and this person’s assistant e-mailed him back with the meeting time.  His assistant?  In the publicly-traded national corporation that I recently left, nobody with a Director title had an assistant; most of the Vice-Presidents had to share an administrative assistant!  I would hate to be paying taxes in Aurora.  Dare I say, maybe the infamous gravy train travelled north?

Finally, the long-awaited Mad Men Season 5 premiere has been announced as March 25th.  My burning question: will January Jones broaden her emotional range beyond angry, bitter and pouty?

The GTA’s first baby of 2012 died at 5 days old.  The parents never showed up for their scheduled follow-up appointments at the hospital and when they finally did, it was too late.  According to the grandfather who spoke to Chinese media, the parents were too busy making a living to go to the appointments.  Oh my goodness.  As FuBu has said before, there should be an organization that will certify people before they are deemed fit to become parents.

So my much hyped-about ski lessons have been cancelled.  They phoned 24 hours before the first scheduled class to tell me that I was the only registrant for that class, so they couldn’t hold the lessons.  Thankfully, DQ’s lessons are still on – if it ever snows…