I trust the on-air football commentators at the networks are as pleased as punch.  Tim Tebow got his just desserts when his Denver Brocos got their butts whupped this past weekend by the Patriots (go Pats!).  I’m sure they were getting very nervous after he pulled off his miraculous victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers the weekend before; that just wasn’t supposed to happen.  “If he actually takes the Broncos all the way, we will look like idiots after spending the whole season talking about what an unskilled quarterback he is!”

Well, you’re happy now, aren’tcha?  The pious QB Tebow-ed for the last time on Saturday night.  Not a pretty one either. 

But was it really the fact that his average skills got him as far as he did that annoyed people?  Or was it the fact that he is a genuine, God-fearing young man?  Surprising for a country whose populace can’t seem to get enough of the evangelical Christian Republican candidates being paraded for the GOP dog and pony show.

Here’s a 24-year-old man who believes in God, and whose Christian values have instilled in him a passion for helping those in need and just doing good things in life.  He’s a virgin, too, just like a good unmarried Christian should be.  If that wasn’t the final bullseye stamp on him, I don’t know what was.  Oh, I forgot: he’s a really nice, genuine person, too.  Shoot him!

If you know me, you know I am no religious zealot.  I have a lot of unanswered questions and doubts about religion. I certainly don’t believe God manufactured Tim Tebow’s “miraculous” path through the season and the playoffs. But I don’t begrudge anyone who has complete faith (ok, let’s not get into fundamentalism here…).  The way I see it, Tim can Tebow all he wants.  He’s not asking me to participate in prayer, he’s doing it for himself.  And if you score a touchdown in the NFL, I think at the very least, you should get to do that.  I can’t say I particularly like when I hear him thanking Jesus in interviews, however. I do think that crosses the line because in that situation, he’s broadcasting his message to an audience that didn’t sign up to hear it.

But don’t hate the guy because he’s perfect.  It’s a rather ugly side of human nature rearing its jealous head.  We can’t seem to stand perfection among others, and yet we work so hard to achieve it for ourselves.

And hey, maybe there is a God.  The Denver Broncos just declared Tim Tebow will be their starting quarterback next season.