Here’s my dirty little secret: I created a Twitter account.  Since Twitter launched, I have continued to be perplexed by the purpose it serves.  I just don’t get it.  Why do I care if John Smith is at some bar, or filling up with gas?  My belief was that Twitter is for narcissists, those people who are so self-absorbed that they really believe they are the only ones who exist.

I created an account for work reasons, to follow certain people who might be helpful to me in providing specific kinds of leads for what I am doing now, because so far, other more traditional methods of acquiring leads have been failing me.  The people I am trying to reach are influencers in their realm who have a social impact on a certain segment of consumers.  They love to be part of a buzz; they have healthy egos (narcissists?), they thrive on sound bites and media mentions, so I figured they would be heavy Twitter users.  So far, I have not been disappointed.  They definitely use Twitter, and the tweeting activity is as loud as in a hen house.

What I find so interesting about Twitter is how clique-y it is, at least within the circle I am following.  Half the time, I feel like I have to decode the tweets, because they are only for the “inner sanctum” of those cool enough to be in the know.  If you have to ask, you shouldn’t be here.  That is sooo high school.

I struggled with my first tweet.  Again, I wondered, who on earth cares what I have to say?  Starting on Twitter is a bit of a what-came-first game: the chicken (the followers) or the egg (the tweets)?  Until I get enough tweets on record, I have no case for having a base of followers.  But without followers, what the hell is the point of tweeting?  I would just be talking to myself!  What was I saying about narcissism earlier…?  But you have to start somewhere, so I went with the recommended “Retweet”: re-tweeting the tweet of someone I follow.  The only good that does is tell the person I’m following that I re-tweeted his tweet and that should make him feel extra good (narcissist!), until he finds out I have no followers who will see it.

I have been finding myself under pressure to tweet something witty, edgy, something that will make me sound like I really have some inside knowledge about anything, which I don’t.  I am trying so hard to fit into the Twitter universe, but the pressure is taking its toll.  Never mind the fact that Twitter and IE8 don’t seem to get along very well!

So far, the one person I have somewhat enjoyed following (and not for work reasons) is Neil Patrick Harris (@ActuallyNPH), whom I always thought was a sharp, entertaining and lively humourist.  He was at the Grammys and shared a few fun tweets while he was there; it kind of felt like he opened up his inner circle to me so I could feel like I was there for the ride.  Other than that, I still don’t get it.

If you’re on Twitter, let me know what you like to tweet about!