I always like to think I’m somewhat young at heart… just a little.  But I nearly fell into a mild depression last week when I’d read about how one of the bigger trending topics on Twitter related to kids’ complete ignorance of who Paul McCartney was as he was performing on the Grammy Awards show – they were angry that the show was giving any air time to this old geezer!  So that’s it; it’s official: when the Beatles become irrelevant, it’s clear that I’m old.  Wait, just let me play “Let It Be” on the iPod so that I can fully wallow in my sadness.

A couple of days ago, FuBu and I went to grab a bite for lunch while DQ was at a birthday party.  Sitting next to us was a young couple, eating while watching a laptop screen.  This is the new definition of “dinner and a movie”.  The multi-tasking youth of today would just prefer to kill two birds with one stone.  Either that, or they’ve completely forgotten how to have a conversation with each other because the only way they ever communicate is via text, e-mail and instant messaging.

Before I became a parent, I never could hear myself saying, “Kids today…”  But I see how media, technology and social media are moving almost faster than the speed of light and are changing the way we live and interact.  Very little has staying power.  I must confess I’m a little fearful of the future my generation of parents will be living in and how we will relate to our children.  I don’t know how to keep up.  However, I think it’s safe to say that the parenting advice that prevailed in our parents’ day still holds true today: stay present in your kids’ lives and keep the lines of communication open at all times.  No matter what media throw at them, they have to know we are here to help them filter through all of it, right?

Happy Family Day to those who are observing it today!