Rob Ford’s at it again.  This busy, busy little man just cannot find time in his schedule to attend any Gay Pride events.  Gay Pride organizers and gay City Counciller Kristyn Wong-Tam have offered up every possible opportunity to him, even going so far as to suggest throwing a party just for him, with people from the community that he would be “comfortable” with.  But he’s busy.  Flag-raising ceremony?  Busy.  But he’s got time to go to KFC after publicly pledging to lose weight!  That speaks volumes about campaign promises, too.

Under the category of “Dirty Little Secret”: I love shopping at WalMart.  There is something exhilarating about walking out of there with 10 bags and a bill that is under $100.  That “Start the car!  Start the car!” commercial for IKEA really should have been developed for WalMart.  It’s a steal.

I never read Neil Parischa’s “The Book of Awesome” or read his blog “1000 Awesome Things”, so I don’t know if this made his list, but part of the aforementioned WalMart trip was to do a pantry stock after having been out of town over Easter/Passover weekend.  Can I tell you how awesome it is to have a fully stocked pantry?  It can make you feel invincible: “Tell me what you want to eat; I’ve got it!”  And I suppose in an unnerving kind of way, from the perspective of a wife and mom, it also makes me feel like I’m “doing my job”.  I’d be too scared to say that to Heather Mallick, though; she might tear a strip off me for daring to say something so un-feminist.

To my knowledge, I’ve never met anyone who has been diagnosed as mentally insane, but after reading various testimony from Norwegian extremist Anders Breivik, especially as he vividly detailed his victims’ reactions to his bloody massacre last July, I’m pretty sure I have a sense for what it might be like.  This guy is the real deal, and I mean certified lock-him-in-the-loony-bin-NOW.  But here’s the problem: if he is deemed insane, he would not be duly punished for his incredibly violent crime, and that seems entirely unfair.  The families of his victims deserve so much more.

And to wrap, as Mother’s Day looms near, if you haven’t seen this fabulous Proctor & Gamble video yet on YouTube, you will be inspired to start planning how you want to thank your Mom.  As a marketer, I thought this was a piece of fabulously executed, insights-based advertising.  Can’t say I see a lot of that these days.  Enjoy.