Big Bad Herbs.  One of my biggest pet peeves about grocery shopping is seeing herbs like parsley, dill and cilantro being packed in inconveniently large bunches.  What am I supposed to do with that much if I only need a couple of tablespoon-fuls, which is inevitably all I ever need? 

And another domestic diva observation: cleaning light fixtures and base boards is completely liberating.  Of course, I’m too embarrassed to tell you the last time I did that, which is why I suppose it’s so liberating – the stress of knowing how much dust was accumulating was weighing me down!  Now if I could just deal with the blinds and window sills… double ugh.  I truly, madly hate house cleaning.  If anyone has any tips for how to make it more bearable, please let me know (I do play loud music, and it doesn’t make me feel any better).

How to dress a lemon.  One day while taking DQ to her swimming lesson, I noticed another mom dressed in full Lululemon gear, the ubiquitous dress of women – and especially moms – of a certain age.  Let’s face it: Lululemon makes anyone look like they have a decent body; that’s why the brand is so successful.  But it reminds me yet again that as we get older, it become more challenging to “dress our age”.  I fear that at the risk of looking old, I’ll end up dressing too young and look like a complete fool.  I like Lululemon wear, but if I ever end up wearing it as my everyday go-to form of dress, I think I can definitely say I’m old.  I’ll stick to wearing it for my workouts.  But where is a woman in her 40s to shop for nice casual wear these days?  Suggestions?

Oh, the drama.  Rob Ford chased a Toronto Star reporter – with fist cocked – from adjacent public park land because he thought Daniel Dale was spying on him and taking photos of his family.  He must have been foaming at the mouth: after all, this just gave him even more ammunition to continue his black-listing of the Star from all media scrums.  Call him delusional or paranoid, I just think he’s an embarrassment, and I cannot believe he is the mayor of Canada’s largest city.  I’d suggest Ford has his own gravy train and it’s full of drama.

Be a donor.  I renewed my driver’s license yesterday and along with it, officially registered to be an organ and tissue donor.  I had always signed my organ donor card, but was surprised when I found out that this does not officially register you into a database of people who are willing to donate.  In the province of Ontario, one has to register at  And now, in a move to acquire more registered donors, drivers can now register when they go to a Service Ontario location to renew their license.  By registering as an organ donor, you could potentially save eight lives – that is incredibly powerful.  If all you had to do was sign a piece of paper to save a life – maybe up to eight of them, wouldn’t you do it (religious beliefs notwithstanding)?  Wouldn’t you want someone to do that for you?