As I soak up the incredible weather we are having this Victoria Day long weekend, I realize it’s the perfect time to write about what I was going to write about last week until I got sidetracked.  I must have been stressed out.  We had hosted an adults-only party last weekend and I suppose the build-up was getting a little too overwhelming for me.  As of the Saturday afternoon (i.e. the day of the party), I decided that the two dips I had already made were definitely not going to be enough as appetizers and ran out for my second grocery store trip of the day to get more stuff, after frantically searching the Internet for more creative recipes.  The party was a huge hit, if I may brag a little, and it felt like an enormous weight had been lifted off my shoulders the next day (which was Mother’s Day, so I got to take the day off anyway!).

Here I am getting distracted again…

As I was going through this period of unbalance, I felt like I was painfully in need of a solid day off (well, I was actually thinking of two solid days off, because I knew I would dedicate one full day to being at a spa).  And I mean a real day off where I didn’t have to worry about anyone else except myself, or at least do only the things that I really wanted to do, even if it wasn’t for myself.  I started making up a list in my head of what I would do.

Women – and especially mothers – are hard-wired to look after everyone else first.  I think it’s important for our mental health to self-indulge every once in a while.  So on that note, here is my Dream Day Off (after my full spa day, that is):

  • Read the newspaper from front to back, while savouring and finishing my morning cup of coffee.
  • Stand in the shower.  Just stand there for 5 minutes and feel the water beating against my face.  Do not think – just be.
  • Go for a long walk.  Listen to the sounds of nature while I’m doing it.
  • Have a perfect salad and sandwich lunch on my backyard patio while enjoying my garden (this is presuming I’ve actually planted all my annuals and pruned all my perennials, which of course I have not).
  • Flip through a girlie magazine just to look at the ads.
  • Buy a bouquet of pink peonies.
  • Have an Americano and chocolate biscotti.
  • Spend a solid hour on organizing DQ’s next photo book (I’m still trying to work on Year 3).  This is especially difficult, because I get completely distracted by all the videos of her, which make me melancholy and longing to turn back the clock just a little.
  • Do a full 60-minute yoga workout without my brain buzzing.
  • Pour a glass of chardonnay, turn on some latin or jazz, cook up a spaghetti carbonara or spaghetti with clams, and chew while eating. 
  • Sit on my front steps at dusk with more wine and a book.
  • Take a candlelit bubble bath with more wine, some more jazz, and close my eyes.

Whoops – the dream balloon just popped and I’ve woken up, but I already feel a lot more relaxed!  What would your dream day off be like?