This post isn’t as timely as I had wanted it to be; life always gets in the way of blogging!  But for those of my readers who are not in Toronto, this may still be news, and I have a real itch to rant!

A father in Brampton (a suburb of Toronto) has been trying to seek exemption for his son from religious courses.  I agree he has a right to ask for this.  But here’s the man’s folly: he chose to send his son to a Catholic school!  He says he chose the school because it is closer to his home, and it had a good academic ranking.  He grew up in a Roman Catholic family, but has moved away from the church.  This father seems genuinely perplexed by the fact that the school and the school board do not seem to be jumping at his request.  This is like my going to KFC and demanding a burger.

Whether we like it or not (and believe me, I don’t), the Catholic school system is publicly funded, and it exists in order to deliver a Catholic-infused curriculum, otherwise, what was the point?  If a parent chooses to send his child to a Catholic school, he has to accept the package deal.  This may come as somewhat of a shock to Mr. Erazo, but most courses taught in a Catholic school are faith-based.

To suggest that he is being cornered and handcuffed is unfair and inaccurate.  There is such a thing as the separate school system.  It’s for “everyone else” who may or may not believe in the gates of heaven.  Give it a try.