A blogger I follow, Caitlin Kelly, recently wrote a post that I think every Canadian should read as a reminder of why we should be grateful for our healthcare system.  I cannot imagine how my family would have coped financially when both my parents suffered through cancer, had their surgeries, medications and treatments not been covered.  It’s appalling to me that someone should go bankrupt while dealing with illness, no matter their financial circumstances. And in the U.S., they’ll make you go broke while you’re healthy, too: the cost of private health insurance is astronomical.

I had read Nick Kristof’s story in the New York Times that Caitlin refers to, but I did not read about some of the callous replies that his story received.  I am angry and without words.

Read Caitlin’s post (and follow her, too – she’s a Canadian ex-pat in the U.S. and a great writer!).