Stephen Harper continues to be – sigh – Stephen Harper.  Time and again, he has shown a remarkable lack of accountability – he seems to feel this is beyond him.  Claiming that had he known that his former chief of staff Nigel Wright was going to write a personal cheque to former Senator Mike Duffy, he would have told him not to do it.  Why do I find this so hard to believe?  Because nobody decides on their own to just write a $90,000 personal cheque to a Senator to pay for expenses that never should have been claimed in the first place.  There was a chain of command in place and that decision made it through the ranks.  Even if Mr. Harper did not personally ask Mr. Wright to do this, somebody on the PMO staff did, and as such, he owns that call.

By the way, is it mere coincidence that two of the Senators involved in questionable expense claiming were former CBC journalists?  A coincidence that former employees of Canada’s public broadcaster would abuse their positions as Senators and try to screw Canadian taxpayers? The culture of entitlement prevails in the public sector.

I love the way the Ontario PC Party has suddenly disavowed Doug Ford.  Best friends just months ago, they now say “he’s not our candidate”.  I can’t wait to see who shows up at the Ford BBQ this year.

Conspiracy theory: maybe the Ford Brothers have deliberately leaked all this controversy so that they don’t have to face the media with the question of whether Mayor Ford will show up for the Pride Parade this year!

Isn’t there something inherently un-democratic about a system where the only person who can remove the Mayor of Toronto from his seat mid-term is the Mayor?  Did nobody see the possibility of a stubborn, self-righteous, obstinate, pigheaded mayor coming in to power?

All these conservatives must come from the same bloodline. They are driving me up the wall.