What I’ve found to be most perplexing about this whole Rob Ford affair is how his supporters consider his opponents “elitist”.  Ford Nation has been cast as the suburbanite who just wants the “average Joe” to be taken care of.  It’s true that if you live in certain parts of the City of Toronto, you may be wealthier than the average Torontonian by virtue of the fact that you can afford that kind of real estate.  But aside from that, I’m not sure how these people qualify as elitist.  If anything, these are the people Ford Nation supporters (i.e. Don Cherry) also call pinkos, and bleeding heart liberals (which presumes they want the average Joe to be looked after – they want everyone to be taken care of!).  Ford opponents could be called a lot of things, but I don’t agree that elitist is one of them.  I’m one of them, and I’m not sure what the problem is with wanting government to be involved with taking care of the people – that’s kind of the whole point of democracy and the election process.  If you don’t want government, then you shouldn’t want a mayor at all. You should be out there supporting the calls for him to step down, and then call for anarchy!

And by the way, Ford Nation, you call us elitist, but you’re the ones who can afford to buy a billboard?  At least learn to spell and get logo usage rights.