I’m all for progress. I guess that’s my fundamental problem with religion.

Religious teachings today don’t take into account the fact that the world has changed. In business, we always promote innovation, we look down upon standing still. You will die a fast death if you never change. There’s a great quote I saw that said “Innovation is the best defense against irrelevance.” Because if we’re not put on this earth to move forward, what the hell are we here for? So why is it acceptable to still preach the teachings of the Bible and other holy scripts as if we are still living in that age (this presumes that those texts tell a true story; I can’t even go there)? Has the Bible become irrelevant?

I recently received an innocuous text message from the mother of DQ’s playmate. All it had was a URL, and from that URL, I questioned whether this could have been some kind of “spam” text message; it included the words “campaign for life” and “Sex Ed Curriculum”. I found out shortly after that it was not junk and that she was expecting me to sign some kind of petition. When I opened the link, I was astounded. The premise of this website was to protest the Ontario Liberal Party’s decision to move ahead with a sex education curriculum in Fall 2015 that would introduce admittedly rather graphic content. But it’s sex; what do you expect?

The problem was that as I read further along, I came across the excerpt below pertaining to teaching about gender identity and the fact that the curriculum would address this as a personal choice: that gender is not a physical construct, but an identity that you can choose based on what you are most comfortable with. The authors of this website disputed this with the following:

This is not science-based teaching, but rather a dangerous socio-politial ideology that seeks to normalize a mental disorder recognized by the American Psychiatric Associations’s Diagnostic & Statistics Manual.

I couldn’t even read any further on the page after seeing this. How can proponents say the Bible promotes love and inclusion and then talk about transgendered individuals as mentally ill, and part of a psychiatric statistics chart? As I thought more and more about this, I became infuriated. I think I was more offended that the sender thought I could actually agree with the statements being made and that I would rally around these messages of intolerance. I hardly know this woman; how could she be so presumptuous? I guess the red flag should have been raised when DQ told me that this woman’s daughter read her excerpts from the Bible at their last playdate.

The world has changed. Through science, we’ve learned a lot about our environment, about human sexuality, about biology and genetics, about civilization and the human race. When I think about the Vatican and all it stands for – even the fact that there is a Vatican City, that is so crazy! – I just can’t help but marvel at the sheer number of believers who have had the wool pulled over their eyes. Talk about Eyes Wide Shut. It’s sheer denial of reality. If you say enough times that pre-marital sex, or masturbation, or homosexuality is abnormal and unnatural, you will start to believe it, I guess. I feel sorry for them. And I thought I was a prude.